Progress photos

Since this is a knitting blog I thought I would post photos of what I have been knitting lately.

This is my Kiri shawl. I am on row 70+ and I really like the way it is turning out. Unfortunatly, last night i messed up somewhere and have to tink out this row to find the problem. Maybe I should knit in the morning when I get up and not at 1:30am when I am going to bed.

The other project that is going full steam is my pair of Pretty Petals socks from the Townsend Knit-Along. The pattern is easy, but next time I will use a different heel. This is the sock that has a heel and the other one is ready for the heel.

This is the best thing about this week. My dad made me this swift so I could wind up all the yarn I have been amassing from recycled sweaters and the like. Isn't it cool? It works great!!!!


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