What I did this weekend

This weekend was our 12 wedding anniversary. We went out to eat at the Olive Garden and then spent the weekend relaxing at home. Relaxing for me meant trying to finish a few works in progress.

As it turns out this weekend was a very productive one indeed. I finally finished and framed a cross stitch picture for a couple in my son's office who just had twins.

Then I got to work on some new dresses. Here is the dress i made for myself:

And here is the one I made for my sister in law:

Since I completed these projects I allowed myself to start on the Kiri shawl. I am on row 15 at the moment so it doesn't look like much yet.

The pattern is not too difficult though and I think it will go fast.


KR Secret Pal swap 3 is completed

Mary McNally you are the best secret pal a knitter could wish for! Thank you for being mine!

I was very fortunate to have a wonderful secret pal for this swap. My favorite gift came last month and I was so surprised. She sent me a drop spindle and kit. Spinning yarn is something that I have always found facinating. This item was on my wish list and I was so thrilled when it arrived. Now I just have to learn how to use the thing......

Here is a photo of my last package from Mary when she revealed her identity to me.

I have already hidden the chocolate from prying eyes and fingers!!

Thanks again Mary, you're the best!


East Carolina Knitters Swap

My package arrived today from my secret pal on the East Carolina Knitters yahoo group swap. Below is what I received. Thanks Secret Pal!

Click on the picture to go to the group page.

Another completed wip

I finally finished a necklace for my father that he asked me to make in December of last year. He gave me a cross that was very special to him and that he had for a long time. During a visit with my mom in Feburary she gave me a rosary that was in pieces that used to belong to him. It is amazing how things work together for the glory of God. I put his old rosary beads together with the cross he gave me and here is the result.

I hope he likes the result.

Metal dectecting

After leaving the aquarium we had lunch and then went to the beach for a little bit of metal dectecting. This is one of our many hobbies. We didn't find anything on this day and a storm was beginning to come in so we didn't stay long.

On the way back home from the beach I took these pictures of Bodie lighthouse out the window of the truck. Not bad snapshots for 45 mph.


Two weeks ago we took a trip out to the North Carolina Aquarium. The aquarium is located in Rodanthe, a town on an island between the mainland and the outer banks of North Carolina.

Below are some pictures of what we saw. The shark was behind a 12" thick (or more) glass tank wall.





Pretty fishes:

Not so pretty fish:

A tank where you can pet the sting rays:

This is as close as I ever want to be to a shark: