My friend Cathy in Ohio send me a Christmas gift and I can't wait to get started on it. She send me the kit to make this shawl.


Christmas Time

Wednesday night services at Creede Baptist Church were replaced this week with a community choral sing. This was the first of many to come in the future. It was a joint effort by the Community Church and the Baptist Church and the results were fantastic. The music was phenomenal and was performed by several different members of each church, as well as the congregation in attendance. This is a photo of an impromptu group of very talented folks performing and includes my mother standing third from the right.

Saturday, we went up into the mountains to cut our Christmas tree. Mom and David had scoped the trees out the day before and David found the perfect one.

Here are the guys with their conquest.

Once we cut the tree we had to trek back to the truck. Luckily it was down hill. Doesn't it look cold? It was, very!

Mom and I decorated it with white lights and clear ornaments. It really looks pretty at night. We are putting red and white bows on it tonight. Looks a little bare underneath though, hmmm.....


New House

Well, it is official; we have purchased the blueprints and are going to build a house in Alabama this upcoming year. Here is roughly what it will look like.

Until it is built we will be renting this house in Auburn.


Sarah's shawl progress

It is going to be close, but I think I just may be able to finish the shawl for Sarah in time for Christmas. Here is my progress so far and also a close up of the pattern.

South African Mission

Along with creating and wrapping Christmas presents, I have been making these adorable little balls for the children that our missionaries will encounter when the make the trip to South Africa in January.

Close up view. Aren't they cute?

Cold Weather

Ok, this is what I would consider an indication that it is cold outside.

If that doesn't convince you, look at the (cold) hard facts.

The dogs think it is cold too and they both insist on sharing the same chair. I think this is the warmest spot in the bus for them. It is quite funny to see them argue over who gets to sit here and for how long. They usually end up sharing.

When not on the chair, they have been found sleeping in various other places.

Giving Thanks

This year we were invited to the home of a couple from church for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack and Jane Sanders were so gracious and the food was delicious. Here is the view from their front living room.

This was an especially meaningful Thanksgiving because we shared it with the Sanders and the Sams. Bob and Jean Sams have come to mean a lot to us since we have been here in Creede. Bob has recently found out that he has cancer in all of his bones and the doctor told them that it is really just a matter of time before he is gone. The doctor told them to enjoy every day to the fullest. This would seem quite devastating to most of us, but Bob and Jean have been married for over 60 years and Bob is 85. They have lived a beautiful life full of adventures, with many memories to share. We will miss them dearly when we leave this place.

Jack & Jane Sanders, Jean & Bob Sams, Scott

Scott, myself and Jean Sams



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