My Rebel

Yesterday, Scott and I went to North Carolina to pick up my new Honda Rebel. Isn't she pretty?

Today, after church services we took it to the parking lot of Target for my very first ride. Learning to shift wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

I'm no biker babe, but it sure is fun!


Top Floor

The framing for the upstairs floor was delivered and installed today. The framers intend to have the walls done on the upstairs tomorrow.


New link

I have added a new link to the sidebar for the Tiger's Roost Blog. This blog has photos and the latest scoop on what is going on at the Fillmer/Marchio farm. Feel free to check it out and leave comments.


We've been framed

Well, it has begun, at least. The slab was poured on the 12th (yesterday) and the framing of the downstairs began today. It is incredible how fast this is going right now. Scott expects it to come to a screeching halt when some glitch inevitably pops up. For now, we are pleased that it is going smoothly and quickly. Enjoy.

The house slab is poured and is being smoothed out. Waiting on the final load of concrete for the garage.

The truck arrives.

Pouring the final load into the garage.

Front of the house looking head on into the front door.

Front corner of the house and garage.

Opposite corner of the house where the master bedroom is. Huge windows on both sides of the bedroom will provide a wonderful view. My super cool nephew, Gabriel, stands in one of the windows for scale.


Well drilling, fill and plumbing

The well has been drilled by this enormous machine and the footprint of the house has been filled, plumbed and the rebar is down. The power company came out as well and placed stakes in the ground along the long driveway for the placement of the power poles. The inspector came out today to inspect the plumbing so that the foundation can be poured. We are hoping to have the foundation poured tomorrow.

Well Drilling Equipment

Filled Footprint

Plumbing Installed

Ready For Foundation

Stakes For Power Poles


The footprint of the house is framed and the framers even put a makeshift fince around the large lone pine tree we want to keep.