House Construction Continues (Finally!) - moved to NK

It has been quite a while since there has been an update on the house construction. There is a good reason for this. There has been none. The time period between the framing and any other activity has seemed like an eternity. We now have real walls and the first stage of the trim is done. Now we wait on the painters to put on the first interior coat of paint, so the cabinet maker can come in, so the floor can be installed, so.......

Here are some new photos of the progress to date.

We have walls!

Window at top of stairs, unframed.

Window at top of stairs, framed.



View from Deborah's office with framed windows.

View from Scott's office with framed windows.

View from Scott's office with framed windows.


William the Ham

Our son sends us a photo a day, via email, of our grandson William. We have decided that he is quite a ham. I have been collecting some of the best ones to put on the blog. Here they are, complete with the title our son deemed appropriate for each.

"You just twist this thing here?"


"Just a bit off the top, please"

Working for Daddy

Life in the fast lane

Too sexy for my shirt!


New From Old

We had the diamonds in my old engagement ring made into a pair of beautiful triangle earrings and a custom made pendant.

How do you like it?