Clue 4 Complete

Whoo Hooo! Clue #4 is complete and I am on to clue #5. Call me crazy, because I am, but I just signed up for Mystery Shawl #2 Knit Along which starts in November. This one has been so much fun that I just had to do another one. Here are the pictures of this mystery shawl with clue #4 completed.

Complete Clue 4

Close Up of Clue 4

I am also doing the Frost Flowers & Leaves Knit Along that starts November 1st. This shawl is from the book "A Gathering of Lace". Thanks to the help of a good friend in choosing a color I think I am going to do this one in JaggerSpun Zephyr in Garnet.

In the meantime, between mystery #1 and #2 I have decided to start on the Shaped Triangle Shawl, also from "A Gathering of Lace". This one will be done in the new Knit Picks "Shadow" yarn in the Lost Lake colorway. I am starting this one to carry with me to Alabama in October when I go to see my new grandson William.

Speaking of William, I made him a hat yesterday. It is so cute and soooo small!! Here it is:

And here is Great Grandad David modeling it for you:


Colorado Scenery #2

We went to a brisket cook out yesterday and the clouds and rain swept in as they always do around 6:00pm. The brisket was fabulous and as the clouds moved out we saw this:

After dinner, Scott and I went for a drive up towards Ivy Creek campground where a bull, cow, and baby moose have been seen practicly daily. Sure enough, they were there and here is what the bull looks like:


Clue 3 Complete

Yahoo!! I just finished clue 3 of the mystery shawl. Now I am waiting for my needles to arrive so I can start on some baby hats for 1st my grandson, William, who will be here in September. Here are the pictures of the mystery shawl with clue three completed.

Full Shawl

Close Up


Clue 2 Complete

Yipee! I finished clue #2 on the mystery shawl. The shawl is larg enough now for me to use my new blocking wires (welding rods) and blocking mat (floor cushion block). Here is the shwal as of today.

Full View

Close Up


Colorado Scenery

Since arriving in Colorado last week, Scott has been taking a lot of photographs of the area in an attmept to locate some choice spots to return to once the seasons change. Here are a few of his photographs so far.

Lake City Panoramic

Highway 149 Overlook

North Clear Creek Falls


The Mystery Shawl Begins

Well I finally got a chance to start the mystery shawl last week. I have finished clue #1 and am moving on now to #2. Here is what I have done so far.

Colorado arrival

Well, we made it to our winter home. We will be staying here until next April or until the bus will start again, whichever. The temperatures are 60+ during the day and 40+ at night right now. We are lovin it already. Scott is thrilled not to be sweating any more!

Here is a view of our place.

And here is the view from our front window as of today. When there is snow, etc. I will post more pictures.