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Pig Pen
According to this quiz, I am Pig Pen!

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Humble Beginnings

The Frost Flowers and Leaves KAL officially begins November 1st. However, I have had the yarn for some time now and just couldn't wait any longer to get started. So, here is the beginning of what looks to be a very large, and time consuming project.

From what I have been told, the beginning is the hardest part.


Meeting William

This past weekend I took a trip to Alabama to meet my new grandson. He is perfect in every way, of course. After arriving in Atlanta on Friday afternoon, I made the drive to Montgomery, AL in time to have dinner with William and his parents. Here he is in his new hats I made for him.

The weekend was extremly busy and included a trip to my inlaws farm so they could meet him as well. This is my husband's sister, Sarah, holding William. Having six children of her own I think she knows what she is doing.

On Saturday my mother, grandmother and step-dad arrived and we were able to take a 5 generation photo.

I consider myself lucky to have not one, but two such photos, as they are quite rare. Of course, once they all arrived I lost all holding privilages where the baby was concerned.

Sunday was a very long day that started at 4am central time with the drive back to Atlanta to catch my flight back to Denver (and then a 5 hour drive home from there). The long days were worth it though and I am looking forward to returning to Montgomery around Thanksgiving for another (short) visit.


Sewing for William

This weekend I made a cover for William's changing table. I had enough of the fabric left over to make him two pillows as well. Here is a picture of the pillow casing:

Pillow Casing

Close Up

Thoughtful Friend

Cold weather is not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I like snow. I just don't like the thought of freezing to death while it is coming down. The snow has started falling here in Creede this weekend.

I have made some new friends since we have been here. One of them has gotten to know me pretty well and she tells me that I am NOT going to freeze this winter.


To reassure me she gave me a present yesterday.



I'm Latin - Another Quiz

Calliope, Muse of epic poetry
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So far so good

The yarn arrived today for my test shawl that I am knitting from the first pattern I have ever charted on my own. So far it is looking pretty good. I am probably going to offer this pattern as a mystery shawl project for those on the Christian Knitters Yahoo Group and then possibly offer it for sale on this site. This first shawl is already spoken for when completed. Pictures will be posted after the mystery clues are all given out. Stay tuned....


Shaped Triangle Shawl Progress

Changes in barometric pressure really cause havoc with my sinuses. This morning at about 4am I woke up with a splitting headache. Hello low pressure system. After heavy medication to correct the problem I went about business as usual of filling orders and listing items on eBay.

Now that I am feeling quite a bit better I thought I would play with my blog a bit. I have added a really cool clock and even learned from my son how to add flash objects (check out the sheep on the right).

Here are some progress photos of my latest shawl project, the Shaped Triangle Shawl from the book Gathering of Lace. I am using Knit Picks Shadow laceweight yarn in the Lost Lake colorway. The needles are US 4 and I am currently on row 85 of 187.


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