Beauregard All Stars 2006

Gabriel made the Beauregard All Star baseball team this year and we have spent the last couple of weeks attending his games. The team made it through the first bracket in Valley, AL and almost through the second bracket hosted in Dadeville, AL. The boys made some incredible plays and really fought hard right to the very end. The final score of the last game was Dadeville/20 - Beauregard/15. A few days ago I made Gabriel his very first baseball card. The stats are not completely accurate because they played after I printed it. Regardless, I thought it would be cool for him to have his very own card. Here is his card and another photo of the entire team. Enjoy.


Tub and Showers Installed

The bathtub and shower have been installed in the master bathroom and the shower is in upstairs, too. Making progress....

Abby's Socks

There is no feeling in the world like making a gift for someone and seeing a look of total happiness when they open it and really appreciate it. This is especially true when the look is on a child's face. Today Abigail Marchio turned 6. Her brother Gabriel gave me some fuzzy yarn for my birthday about a month ago and I used it to decorate the top of the socks that I made for Abigail. Here is the result and her reaction. The pictures don't need words.


What I've been doing lately

Lately I have been knitting last minute birthday gifts blogging quite a bit. New photos have been posted to the Tiger's Roost blog and you can see my most recent completed knitting endeavor there as well. Currently I am working on another birthday gift for this weekend and the Krista Tee for myself.


National Polka Festival #40 - Sunday

Sunday we started out a little later than Saturday. We went to the KJT hall for some last minute dancing and to visit the hall since we had not been to this one yet. We danced there a while and then we were treated to a demonstration by the Oklahoma Czech Dancers. All of these individuals attend a Czech school in Oklahoma and in addition to learning regular school circulum they are taught about their Czech heritage. The costumes were phenominal and their demonsration was great. Here are some of the photos we took of them. Enjoy.

The Sokol happened to be on the way out of town so we stopped there for our final dance and then it was off to pick up our storage stuff at Mom's and head back to Alabama. I hear that my bathtub has been installed at the house so new house postings coming soon.......