The weekend fun continued on Sunday evening when the Cardins arrived at the farm and we all gathered for some belated new year's fireworks.

Here is my sister in law doing her best Statue of Liberty imitation.

Her daughter Martha thought that was just great. Isn't she precious????

There was only one minor incident throughout the entire evening of pyrotechnic display. See the men all running to put out the flames..... TOO FUNNY!!

Staking the footprint of the new house

Last weekend was a very busy one indeed. On Saturday we took stakes and string and laid out the footprint of our new house. It is going to be a two story house overlooking a pond on the property on one side and the woods on the other. Here are some shots of the staking crew in action.

Here is the view from the house across the pond.

Here is the view of the actual location of the house.

Christmas in January

Sarah's shawl is complete. It was finished a little late, but still appreciated I think. This shawl is from the book Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle and is called the Stora Dimun shawl. It is a Faroese shawl and the first of this type that I have knit. I used "Essential" yarn from Knit Picks. The first picture isn't that great, but the one of Sarah modeling the shawl is super. Have a look...


Quick trip to the Keys

The weekend after we moved in to the rent house we took my brother in law down to Florida to pick up a van that he had won on eBay. Since we were going all the way to Miami to get the van we decided that it would be pretty much mandatory that we stay the weekend and visit the Keys. Although the weather was cold and windy we all had a great time.

Me and Hubby

Me and my brother in law

The one full day we had in the keys was a Saturday. We spent the day slowly wandering down the keys, stopping so the guys could fish along the way at the various public fishing bridges.

The guys

Something took my bait!

I caught bait!!

We stopped halfway down the keys at Bahia Honda State Park to get a closer look at the water and possibly get our feet wet.

Old railroad bridge in the park

Could be warmer!

By dinner time we had made it all the way down to the southernmost point of the continental United States (or at least to the marker, the point is actually not accessible). We went by Ernest Hemmingway's house and then went to dinner in Key West at Sloppy Joe's, Hemmingway's old haunt.

Me and my brother in law at the southern most point marker

The drive back 100+ miles to Miami was complimented by a pretty sunset in the rearview mirror and great music on the stereo. None of us wanted to leave, but hopefully we will go back again when it is a bit warmer and snorkeling is possible.

Time to move to Alabama

Could you load everything you own into this trailer? We did...

Things shifted a little in the 1500 mile journey from Colorado to Alabama.

Help was needed.

Now we can unload!!

The kitchen of the rent house quickly took shape.

Scott took over what is supposed to be the living room for his office space.

This is the center of the house. From this post you can rotate 360 degrees and see every room.